Contemporary Painting, Sculpture, Projects

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Artflares is a pioneer art gallery that represents contemporary painting, sculpture and projects. Artflares promotes the postmodern art in a unique Neo Art Form. This  art form ushers in, a radical departure from the past conventions of art. Our mission is to push forward vigorously past the hackneyed practices in the field of art, and encourage the advent of avant-garde. We believe that the art collectors, critics and the public will see and enjoy the experimental trends and not be swayed by the prejudices of 'which media' concepts involved in judging of art. Artflares has long endorsed the imperative of multiculturalism in every human endeavor. Hence, we decided to open the door and promote art which reflects this ideology and forge better appreciation of the potential that any progressively creative person can show.

Currently, our gallery is open by appointments to the prospective buyers. We plan to move soon, to a place more convenient to our art friends. Until then, we hope that Artflares will continue enjoying your worthy patronage.

Bikramjit Sidhu



      Artflares 2012